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CFMP #6 - Now With Added Estrogen

Submitted By BRooNiE in Media

It's podcast time! Your favourite Minecraft Podcast is back, and we've brought the women! Well, one woman, to be precise. Andias steals the intro in a podcast where we talk about what games/events we'd like to see in Minecraft, try to work out what to get the donator who has everything (if they win a competition), and get real deep and mature about the topic of multiplayer age restrictions.

Once again, we're without Kahr and Sekoj, so joining Qotsa and I for the milestonian sixth show is Andias, Stevetaz, BlockosaurusRx, Oldmanrob, and Shadoxkiller. Big thanks to all of them.

Linky Links

- Minecraft Inspired Crazy Golf
- Minecraft Snakes and Ladders
- Snapshot 12w16a
- New CFUK Webserver
- CFUK Advertisement Competition

As always, if you're able, leave a positive review on iTunes. The more good reviews we get, the better listings we get, and the more listeners from outside of the server we can attract.

If you missed it, podcast guests will not be regular. Unless we announce otherwise, the podcast is recorded on Saturday nights at around 10pm. If you want to be on the podcast, be on Teamspeak between 9 and 11pm on Saturday. And many thanks to this weeks guests.
[Submitted by beagrie]
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