Community Rules has some rules in place to ensure it is a safe and friendly place for its players.

The rules were last updated on 08/06/2021

Global Game Server Rules

  1. Do not be an arse; be respectful at all times.
  2. Do not use any hacks or cheats, as an example x-ray is not permitted.
    1. To help provide clarify, mods such as a mini-map or building schematic tool are permitted.
  3. Do not carry out any activities that may have a negative effect on the server community or performance
  4. No exploitation of bugs or exploits,
    1. If you think you have found a bug or an exploit, inform a member of staff.
  5. No offensive signs
  6. Do not SPAM chat with repetitive or annoying messages
  7. Please try use English only in global chat
  8. No offensive builds
  9. Do not attack staff members
  10. No third party server or platform promotion without permission from the server administrator
    1. Staff visitors from other servers will be treated as representatives of their communities but have no exclusion to the rules

Overworld Rules

  1. The overworld map is guaranteed to not be wiped.
  2. No griefing of builds
  3. No breaking and entering into builds
  4. Players must both agree for PvP to occur, be in a PvP area that is effectively communicated as such, killing an unwanted intruder inside a players build or killing a griefer/rule breaker that is a threat to the server

Nether Rules

  1. For clarity, PvP is permitted in the nether only.
  2. For clarity, griefing is permitted in the nether and block changes are not logged.

The End Rules

  1. PvP is not permitted in the end at this time
  2. Griefing is not permitted in the end at this time