Community Rules


Community Rules

  1. Do not be an arse; be respectful at all times.
  2. Do not use any hacks or cheats, as an example x-ray is not permitted.
    1. Mods such as a mini-map or a building schematic tool (without autoplace) are permitted.
  3. Do not carry out any activities that may have a negative effect on the server community or performance. Examples would be exploitation of bugs, or actions that may cause the server to slow down/lag out.
  4. No grossly offensive signs, books, builds
  5. Do not flood chat with repetitive or annoying messages
  6. Please attempt to use English in global chat, use private or group messaging for non-English chatter.
  7. Do not attack helpers, moderators or admins
  8. No third party server or platform promotion without permission from the server administrator
  9. The staff are trusted to implement the rules as they see as required
  10. Any farms must be easily disabled in case they cause lag, preferably with a easily identifiable switch where possible (otherwise they may be disabled via destructive means)

Community Project and Group Guidelines

There are projects and groups on the server that may choose to apply their own subset of rules to participate in an area (such as a build theme, plot)

  1. Any subset of rules must be communicated clearly from the outset to anyone joining a group or project.
  2. A project or group area must have a border to indicate the boundary of the group/projects area
  3. Any group/project rules can't take precedence over community or server rules, staff will enforce community and server rules as they decide is best
  4. A build in a group area or project area can be required to be part of a certain theme or design if it is communicated before building begins.
  5. Destroying or dismantling a participants build for not meeting a theme or group rule should only be a last resort:
    1. Try encourage the builder to re-theme their build, but remember everyone has a different building style
    2. Group or project owners can tastefully modify and tweak the build to suit
    3. New non-participant builds that are intruding on a group area since the border was marked can be reviewed for removal by staff if the original participant is not willing or contactable. 
    4. Inactive builds should not be removed, everyones schedule is different for when they can play Minecraft or may want to revisit the server


    Survival Server Rules

    All rules from Community Rules and:

    Overworld Rules

    1. The map will not be reset.
    2. Do not grief builds or destroy builds that are not yours
    3. No breaking and entering into builds
    4. For PvP to occur in the otherworld at least one of the following must apply:
      1. Both players must agree to PvP
      2. Be in a PvP area that is obviously to both players that PvP is likely to occur (arena, warzone)
      3. An unwanted intruder in a players build that has been given a fair warning to leave
      4. An obvious griefer/hacker that is a threat to the community

    Nether Rules

    1. PvP is permitted anywhere in the Nether
    2. Griefing is permitted anywhere in the Nether, block changes are not logged here, however signs are.

    The End Rules

    1. All rules from Overworld except (a) apply in The End

    Designer Server Rules

    All rules from community rules and:

    1. Only enter someones personal world if invited
    2. Do not grief someone elses personal world

    Challenge Server Rules

    All rules from community rules and:

    1. PvP is permitted
    2. Griefing is permitted
    3. Looting is permitted

    History Server Rules

    All rules from community rules.