geuis, Wed Dec 17 2014, 03:50AM

Logged in for the first time in a long while and ran into this. At least he was kind enough to leave a sign.
Re: *Sigh*
Freddyfrog, Wed Dec 17 2014, 08:49AM

What did he take ? There is no such thing as needed some stuff on minecraft.
Re: *Sigh*
geuis, Wed Dec 17 2014, 09:41AM

I have no idea to be honest. I haven't logged in a few months. Need a mod to scan the area.
Re: *Sigh*
Aconan, Wed Dec 17 2014, 01:27PM

Small question, on which map is this, and where roughly on the map is it? ^^
Re: *Sigh*
Michael_scott, Wed Dec 17 2014, 07:12PM

He didnt steal much ive pm'd you what he did take.
Re: *Sigh*
draze, Wed Dec 17 2014, 07:27PM

requested Spainy to reply to this report and repay what he took.
Re: *Sigh*
geuis, Sat Dec 20 2014, 10:49PM

@aconan derp, sorry forgot the coords. Thanks everyone.