Reminder to players
Timeno123, Mon Feb 01 2021, 02:19PM

It has come to our attention that we need to remind players on the server about building too close to other peoples properties. A few cases of this have sprung up and thought we need to remind people of this.

When your making a base or build, make sure you leave enough room for those around you to build and expand their base. Please also make sure to not cause a negative impact on their base such as blocking their view if it can be helped or building inside or on their doorstep.

These rules apply to all players and should be followed especially at spawn where there is limited room. If you need space to build you can use the fortune tellers tent by following the coloured lines at spawn point.

I also thought I would make it a rule of thumb for all players to NOT build or build close to the spawn road that runs from spawn point past Heck's snake. This road has caused issues in the past and seems to be causing more. Unless you have permission to do modifications or to build on it please don't to help restore peace.

Any other questions please don't hesitant to ask and when in doubt use common sense.

Thanks again


Re: Reminder to players
Apstaleut, Sat May 15 2021, 01:42AM


Re: Reminder to players
boriseng, Sat Sep 25 2021, 10:03AM

FWIW I think there should be some guidelines about tunnels, roadways and rails too, along the lines that bare minimum tunnels and rails don't merit quite the same respect as a full build.

From memory I seem to recall skyrails being frowned upon.

Sometime in the past I built a Long Boring Viaduct, and when I started to encroach on someone else's island they rerouted it. Looking back I think it was fair game, and the reroute now has gained a bridge leading to another island so it is more interesting, but someone broke the rules there, and I might have been slightly in the wrong to start with.