Podcast #2 - Passive Aggressive Birds!

 BRooNiE    11 Mar : 13:29
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The Crazy Fools Minecraft Podcast
It's been a busy a week in Minecraft news, we do our best to bring it all to you in an articulate and eloquent fashion. Kind of. Also, we have a round table discussion about what we'd like to see in future Minecraft updates, lay out our plans for the future of the podcast, and announce our upcoming "Open-Mic" episode.
This is the second Crazy Fools Minecraft Podcast. You're welcome.
The News:
Our Discussion Special episode (or Open-Mic show) will be next Saturday (March 17) at around 9-10pm UK time. If you would like to be involved, contact any of us on the forums and let us know. How we do the show will depend on how many people want to be involved; if we get fourteen people all wanting to be on the podcast, we'll have to rotate everyone in and out, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
If you would like to contact the show outside of the forums, or you have an audio clip you'd like to send us, you can email the podcast at [clickable email]. Get in touch.

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