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 draze    10 Mar : 03:01
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DireWolf20 1.1.1 Update

As DW20 has been fraught with buggy madness, Direwolf has released the 1.1.1 update.

Now for those of you wondering.

"But wait... Draze? isn't 1.1.1 pre recommended release?"

Simple answer to that is "yes" however your forever tinkering staff team are hoping that this release will cure some of the DW20 beta bugs and allow for a more stable enviroment.

For your deliberation pleasure. *drumroll* i present the DW20 poll for all you mad mechanics out there to chatter about.

[clickable link] (Link fixed)

The poll is open until Saturday 14th so get yer votin boots on and feel free to discuss the update.

Peace out,


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