13 Years Of Minecraft Multiplayer

Welcome to Crazy Fools UK, we are among one of the oldest online active Minecraft communities.

A warm and welcoming community of players from all other the world, our community come together to play, build, survive and have fun.

Do you want to jump right in? The essential details are below:

Java Minecraft Server Address

Enter minecraft.crazy-fools.co.uk into your Server Address textbox in-game and click Join Server. If you like it, don't forget to bookmark it!

Server Joim

Discord Logo Color Discord Server

Our official Discord Server invite link is below, simply click it and you'll quickly get up to speed on what is happening in our community

Join Community Discord Server

Server Types

When joining minecraft.crazy-fools.co.uk, you will have access to four server game types via commands:


Survival Mode

The original server of Crazy Fools UK. A Minecraft survival experience with a map that is many years old.

You enter this server when you join minecraft.crazy-fools.co.uk, if you are on another server type /survival to re-join


Designer (Creative)

A creative mode server where each player has their own flat blueprint world to design their builds.

You can join this server by typing /designer whilst in-game


Challenge (Hardcore)

Can you complete Minecraft with one life or face a 10 day ban? Challenge is Crazy-Fools very own hardcore mode where you are spawned in a random location, if you can defeat the boss mobs you earn a place in the Discord hall of fame!

You can join this server by typing /challenge whilst in-game


History (Spectator)

The current map on Crazy-Fools.co.uk has not existed since the beginning (in fact, the first map was quickly overcome with Lava Falls since inventories were client-side). A small server exists to demonstrate some of the older maps in the community.

You can join this server by typing /history whilst in-game