Game Worlds

Current Survival Server Worlds


The overworld is a guaranteed for life map (no map resets!) where players builds will always be safe.

PvP is not permitted without agreement (or in marked areas) and griefing is not allowed per the rules.

The map streches from at least 30k to -30k in each direction with plenty of undiscovered secrets.


The Nether is the anarchy zone of where PvP and griefing is permitted. Don't trust anyone who tries to lure you into the Nether!

Since the Nether is a wasteland, it is subject to chunk aging. If a chunk reaches 12 months without being accessed the chunks  may be regenerated.


The End is the end game zone of the community, PvP and griefing are not permitted here.

The end is also subject to chunk aging to allow for fresh elytras to be farmed

Sky Lands 2

The Sky dimension was brought back as part of 11th birthday; using the original 2011 map generation code, users can now re-visit the Sky Dimension that was originally removed from vanilla Minecraft in 2011.

To visit this realm reach 10k height in the survival world

Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is where trolls and hackers are sent to live out the rest of their days

There is a secret to accessing this world that can is spread through word of mouth

Past Worlds

Water World

Water world was a world full of .. water. Small islands popped above the surface and boats could be found in the vast oceans.

Sky Lands

Sky lands was a hidden world generation type in Minecraft before the end existed. It consisted of skyblock like lands. Sky lands was removed from vanilla Minecraft once the end was introduced.

Winter World V2

Re-released in 2021, Winter World is a waste land where snow builds up across the lands. Make sure you equip leather armour to keep warm and stay away from the dive bombing explosive phantoms!

If you wish to visit Winter World, grab some fresh rabbit meat and find the emerald portal. Not sure where it is? Ask around, theres likely a warp!

It was recently decided that PvP without agreement and griefing are not permitted in Winter World.