Server History

This page is due to be updated

CF | UK began back in the 4th August 2010. The very day survival multiplayer was released.

For the first week, uptime was horrible, being vanilla, was also widely open to hacks. Until a week or so later, mods began appearing which allowed a sort of protection upon the malcious features survival multiplayer offered.

Back then, the server was hosted on a Windows 2003 box, with 8GB of memory and adaquate processing power.

Sounds all well and good for a server, but the unfortuante status was that it was shared with a busy MySQL database.

Frequent crashes were a must, however with the servers unique system, the server could easily be restarted with a click of a button off the website.

CF | UK was also in pole position with the old unofficial serverlist, within 5 minutes of the server being online. The server would be packed with new and old users, always giving a fresh atompshere, however brought the problem of griefing.

It was then decided the server would go semi-private, till which this day it still is. Registration and linking to the account were a must in order to play. Thus this unique feature, helped make CF | UK become a powerful and great community of over 1,500 members.

This was all well and good until the beginning of October, when due to unforeseen circumstances, CF | UK was shut down.

It seemed the end of the server for good.

On the 18th October 2010, CF | UK appeared on the serverlist again, equiped with a much more powerful box, a less resource hog operating sytem, and all the resources of the box to itself it seemed a dream came true for Minecraft to operate on. The build-up started again.

Word quickly spread round of CF | UK was back online, and gradually over the weeks, CF | UK built up to what it once was: A bursting community of over 1,000 members, unique features, and that semi-private nature.

CF | UK still runs today, with an active userbase and someone always on the server. You can't expect less than what you wished for.