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FTB now online Posted on 03 Dec : 21:49 (news)
For Vanilla, yes 
FTB Updated Posted on 29 May : 12:48 (news)
I haven't deleted anything regards to the nether, I'll come on. 
Map Refresh Posted on 01 May : 19:50 (news)
Old old world will be kept online for now, if there a inactivity on the world it will be taken off and put up for download. 
FTB Maintenance Posted on 29 Apr : 13:03 (news)
They might unload after the start-up (depends on Mystcraft I guess) but during the initial loading-event (Initializing the spawns) it just gets too much memory-wise, unless I go into swap territory it wouldn't start up. 
FTB Maintenance Posted on 28 Apr : 14:56 (news)
Due to the server crashing at every restart - no.

Rest assured, only the inactive worlds will be deleted if possible, if not, the smallest ones will. 
Vote for your favorite world on Vanilla! The one with least votes might go! Posted on 03 Mar : 22:21 (poll)
*might* go micke, I know that. 
Water Strainers Blocked; Cause Server Crashes Posted on 29 Oct : 11:29 (news)
Which, unfortunately is too risky and cumbersome for a server. 
Emergency Backup Posted on 09 Jul : 20:46 (news)
The map is so big, that its became impractical to constantly be transferring it over in a compressed form.

It currently writes it to a second drive as a fail-safe.

All the config data, profiles, and everything else is rsync'd to a small backup service due to they're small size.

Should be back up shortly. 
1.7_01 delayed Posted on 30 Jun : 17:56 (news)
For now - that would be the best thing to do. 
Bukkit Stable-ish, Server Stable-ish, Successful-ish! Posted on 22 Apr : 10:42 (news)
Wednesday wink 

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