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FTB Spawn Construction Posted on 16 Dec : 07:52 (news)
Was supposed to be info house, portals hub, public ME storage adnt igured out the other quite yet.

Portals hub is the tricky one using books instead of portal frames. easier for inventory book grabbing glitches... 
FTB Spawn Construction Posted on 07 Aug : 04:51 (news)
Certainly, Spawn2 is the warp 
FTB Spawn Construction Posted on 07 Aug : 04:51 (news)
More than welcome to help Dis, Warp is spawn2 at the moment.

The place looks a little barren and grey until we start adding all the lovely little details. Speak to any of the above mentioned spawn builders for stuff needing done as i'll be back at work for 4 days.
It's that darned time again! Posted on 11 Mar : 07:52 (news)
Link fixed 
Congratulations are in order Posted on 29 Nov : 20:42 (news)
Thanks tongue

Spotted that on the images list and thought it was rather apt lol 
You walk into a bar and the bartender asks "What's your poison?" What would you choose? Posted on 18 May : 11:18 (poll)
Thats on the pub food menu tongue 
Fire spread is currently on as a trial as fire spread is no longer unlimited and can be rolled back, shall we keep it on? Posted on 01 Nov : 17:45 (poll)
I can see the fun of it. but this also presents a problem when using netherack as fireplaces. Can there be say at least a few days warning so people can adjust their builds so the fires don't burn things down? if so, i agree fire spread on tongue