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Survival server now on 1.10! Posted on 30 Dec : 09:16 (news)
1.10.2 now 
FTBU closing 30/04/2014 Posted on 12 Jun : 09:38 (news)
Did this happen or did FTBU win a reprieve? The sidebar still shows an address for it. 
FTB Maintenance Posted on 29 Apr : 12:20 (news)
I didn't know the spawn chunks of every age stayed loaded, that's kind of like having 250 world anchors I guess.

Isn't there a plugin that modifies it so unused ages aren't preloaded and only load on demand? 
Closure of Tekkit Posted on 29 Apr : 12:16 (news)
Yeah I can go along with that. 
Water Strainers Blocked; Cause Server Crashes Posted on 29 Oct : 10:03 (news)
From what I read elsewhere a strainer MUST have an exit pipe, the description said that if any fluid other than water entered the strainer and there was no exit then it would crash and would require editing the map to remove the strainer before it could be restarted.
Tekkit Server: Ensure your machines are off when you leave Posted on 10 Oct : 13:51 (news)
Can you clarify this, if my IC2 system is just sitting idle does that constitute "off"? Also if I'm not using a world anchor (do you allow those anyway) shouldn't the chunk just unload when I log off, or are "frozen" machines causing problems too? Or is it machines near spawn that get reloaded when anyone wanders past?