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Re: Team Chat (Server Discussion) Posted on 23 Jun : 19:56

Note to self to fix the CSS here

Re: Spell Card: Shadow Realm and Soul Taker (Server Discussion) Posted on 12 Apr : 14:08

Ace, thanks for the write up

Re: April Build Contest!!! (Server Discussion) Posted on 02 Apr : 20:44

I'll throw in another nuclear snowball

Re: CF|UK Social Media Presence (Server Discussion) Posted on 26 Mar : 13:20

No twitter, there is a Facebook page, YouTube channel as droid225 say but all inactive.

We have the discord managed by the lovely math768.

I think a lot of our reach just now is from and search engine for Minecraft servers that leads to this website

Thread: Front page screenshot (Server Discussion) Posted on 02 Feb : 19:37

Hi everyone,

To celebrate the launch of our new website, I'm looking for the perfect screenshot to greet visitors on our front page.

Does anyone anything they would like to submit?


Re: The Screenshot Thread. (Minecraft General) Posted on 31 Jan : 20:20

Testing to check if image uploading is working again

Re: Ban list (Minecraft General) Posted on 30 Jan : 22:34


Re: February Build contest !!! (Server Discussion) Posted on 23 Jan : 13:42

Nice Timeno!

I might add something into the prize pool, we shall see.

Re: No discord invite link (Server Discussion) Posted on 11 Jan : 17:51

Re: kits (Server Discussion) Posted on 30 Nov : 21:53

Refreshing the kits a bit is on my to-do at some point, so yes

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