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Re: April Build Contest!!! (Server Discussion) Posted on 02 Apr : 21:15
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with smile
Re: CF|UK Social Media Presence (Server Discussion) Posted on 26 Mar : 08:56
We still have a YT channel (CrazyFoolsUK), but it's been pretty much inactive for about 8 years. Would be cool to see the channel make a comeback though.

Don't think we ever had a Twitter? Might be wrong though.

And if's there any public builds etc that need doing then I'll be sure to let you know smile
Re: Suggestion: Altun Waste Management (Server Discussion) Posted on 29 Jan : 21:53
Cool cool smile
Re: Suggestion: Altun Waste Management (Server Discussion) Posted on 28 Jan : 18:54
I'd suggest you do a test for a small section of spawn first, and see how well it works etc. If's it's a success then I'm happy for you to expand afterwards
Thread: Fish tank (Grief Reports) Posted on 23 Jun : 14:24
_RaresGamer_ had a fish tank at spawn; now no longer there.
Here's a screenshot of where it used to be (not much else to on apart from that)

Re: Minecraft memories (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 30 Aug : 20:16
Aye, lots of good memories from building the Titanic
Re: Server Refresh (Server Discussion) Posted on 26 Jan : 13:58
Sign me up ! smile
Re: Winter World 2016 (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 22 Jun : 21:00
Ah, I remember Winter World... *shivers*. Good times (If you can call freezing to death and being buried beneath blocks of snow a good time cheesey)
Re: SampleName stopping by to say hello! (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 28 Nov : 16:11
Great to hear from you again, Sample. It's always nice to see familiar faces smile
Re: A small idea to a bigger plan (Idea disscusion) (Server Discussion) Posted on 02 Sep : 18:40
I've started building a Japanese themed town that could become a potential area for spawn. I've only built one large pagoda so far but I've done some work on the surrounding grounds too. There is still a lot of room for expansion(its in a plains biome) so many others can build there too if that sounds like good start. Up to you tongue

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