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Trexlergrad is a communist nation that follows the religion of Trexlianity, located on the northeast side of CFUK. Trexlergrad was founded on September 1st, 2020 by RedTrexler the Greatest leader to exist


The Beginning

In the beginning The Glorious leader RedTrexler created a town small town and named it Trexlergrad, The town looked like it had no match growing amongst such giants like Aquatown but RedTrexler was persistent and believed he could do it. RedTrexler built a few builds around Trexlergrad but he was still alone until one day he made friends with a player named Void_Schism and he agreed to join Trexlergrad and help RedTrexler expand the town.

Wars and Conflicts

Trexlergrad against Aquatown
A few months have passed since RedTrexler first created Trexlergrad and the fellow Trexlergradians decided to participate in the Spleef tournament of October. That night, The ruler of Aquatown JerryJunkie challenged our glorious leader RedTrexler to a Spleef match the battle between them was very close but of course, our glorious leader RedTrexler has won that match. and so out of embarrassment JerryJunkie initiated a war against Trexlergrad to win back his pride.
The war took a few long weeks but in the end, JerryJunkie admitted defeat and surrendered

The Holy War
The Holy War was started by Deahgib_ while Trexlergrad was fighting Aquatown. Deahgib_ the high priest of Broonies Church heard that Trexlergrad has founded a new religion called Trexlianity and that enraged him so he decided to initiate a war, a Holy war against Trexlergrad. Trexlergrad and End-Corp became allies and fought the Broonists together and it seemed like it was all hopeless and Trexlergrad would lose, but in the end, Trexlergrad managed to rise up and survive to this day.

Trexlergrads Official Flag: