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Thread: Storing Shulker Boxes Above Chests (Tutorials and Guides) Posted on 17 Jul : 10:58
Ever noticed how a chest placed below a shulker box won't open?

Well it turns out you can still access the contents of the chest below without moving the shulker!

Simply open the shulker box above the chest, then exit the shulker box and quickly open the chest below. If you are fast, you will see that you can access the contents. However, you have to be quick enough, otherwise this won't work.

This is because when you open or close the shulker box, it changes shape and in doing so allows the chest lid below to open.
Re: Question : (Server Discussion) Posted on 29 Jun : 10:07
It already has, here is the link:

Thread: Team Chat (Server Discussion) Posted on 23 Jun : 19:51
The third option should say "I don't mind"

Hi all,

I had an idea and in this forum post is half an idea proposal to Broonie and the other half asking what other members think.

This server has seen many players take a liking to the idea of "groups", such as End-Corp, Trexlergrad, and those others registered in the War/Siege minigame.

There are already "group" channels on our Discord, where members of a group can talk to their own members privately. This is great, but not everyone uses discord, and so I thought why not have the same type of thing, but in-game instead. There are already "Team" plugins out there like McTeams (Bukkit).

Then we could use commands like /Team msg [message] and send a message to our group. This works well in conjunction with the war/siege minigame because then players don't have to privately "\tell" only one individual but instead can tell their whole team.

So what does everyone think about having a feature like this?
Thread: Protecting your armour on armour stands (Tutorials and Guides) Posted on 21 Apr : 11:51
Greetings good people of CFUK. I bring you an innovation to help protect your precious armour on armour stands.

It is well known that this server uses block-log to aid in investigating any griefing that players report, but a long known issue has been that it is harder to detect when armour is stolen off armour stands, since the armour stands are technically entities and not blocks. Pictured below is a method which can help protect your ornamental armour stands and reduce the chances somebody could get away with stealing your precious armour. Some of you may already be familiar with this method.

In a nutshell, the solution is to encase your armour stand in a glass display. I encourage everyone to consider this, as it takes no extra room and is very easy to set up. In a situation where somebody wants to grief by stealing your armour, they *will* need to break the glass in order to access your armour, and this will thankfully be logged into the block-log system, preventing them from getting away with it!

So how do you encase your armour? You build up a tower of 4 blocks beside it, you place a piston above your armour stand, a lever next to it, and a glass block below the piston. You activate the lever once, then move the piston back by flipping the lever back, place another glass block in the gap, and activate the lever once more. Done!

Images here
Re: Suggestion: Altun Waste Management (Server Discussion) Posted on 20 Feb : 21:46
Update 2. I have implemented a trial system in spawn. Now the rubbish bin right by /spawn sends rubbish to the newly constructed depot east of the town hall.


Re: Front page screenshot (Server Discussion) Posted on 19 Feb : 15:07
Oh I meant to include a perspective I found the other day on this thread, here's my suggestion too:
Re: Suggestion: Altun Waste Management (Server Discussion) Posted on 18 Feb : 15:54
Sorry, the link to the screenshots is here.

Re: Suggestion: Altun Waste Management (Server Discussion) Posted on 18 Feb : 15:52
Hi guys,

An update. I took up Altun's suggestion and made a test waste management system myself at Acacia Park. It's based on an item transporter design found here:

It's fairly efficient and only requires a 3x3 grid to be excavated. The materials required are mainly just Blue Ice, iron pressure plates every 9 blocks, and glass (for aesthetic reasons and aiding repair jobs for any issues that arise).

The pros:
  • Cheap
  • Fast item transport
  • Fits within the current width of roads

The cons:
  • Cannot transport items into unloaded chunks (they wait at the chunk border until you enter). This should not be that much of an issue as long as the collection centre is placed within the chunk-loading radius from /spawn
  • Untested strain on server, but unlikely to be a problem since most items will make it to the collection centre.

If mods give the thumbs up and Altun + others think it would be a good idea, I could gradually start implementing it into Spawn. I have read about the considerations that have been discussed regarding the lag from the hoppers and the method of reducing this with droppers on top. If it is insisted on I can implement this too smile

Screenshots of the Acacia Park system (/warp acaciabins):

Re: Preservation of older builds (Server Discussion) Posted on 07 Feb : 00:10
Sounds to me like a brilliant idea. The builder could nominate/apply to have their build considered if its over a certain age and of high enough quality, by posting a request on a specific thread dedicated to this. Alternatively, if it's a build by a player that isn't active anymore but players wish for it to be grief proofed, the building could be nominated by players who aren't necessarily the builder. There would have to be a filter or limit though as I imagine many people will try to get their buildings protected in this way