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Thread: Raid defeat (Minecraft General) Posted on 25 Jul : 19:33
Just discovered that raid defeats exist, and it is actually hilarious with the pillagers cheering and jumping with the raid-defeat at top.
Re: Trexlergrad (Server Discussion) Posted on 20 Jul : 21:15
Thread: Fyra's structure is now complete! (Server Discussion) Posted on 18 Jul : 02:32
Fyra's main structure is now complete! all thats needed to be completed is the habitability and then people can start moving in!
Thread: Diversity 3 screenshots (Minecraft General) Posted on 17 Jul : 05:13
Ive played an amazing adventure map called Diversity 3 and It has given me more building ideas.
Thread: Fyra screenshots (Server Discussion) Posted on 11 Jul : 22:40
Screenshots for Fyra, an upcoming City!
Thread: Droid is sus (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 29 Jun : 21:54
Droid was holding shears nearby Mr.mayor inside the museum and said he needed wool,but declined that he wanted to shear Mr.mayor, and soon after he puts mr.mayor under the floor and said shh when I tried to talk about it. Looking now I think it was a surprise for something, but the shears part is sus tho.