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1.7 Upgrade

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Both vanilla servers will be upgraded to 1.7 as soon as a suitable Bukkit build is available.

Whats new in Vanilla?

- CFUK has a new server, Vanilla Classic.

Vanilla Classic isn't exactly moved though, the current Vanilla server will be moved to a new location with it's map and data preserved. This to make way for the relaunch of the new Vanilla Refresh server.

Vanilla Refresh is:
- A fresh new world with larger biomes
- Reconfiguration from ground-up of the servers plugins, and documented features!
- Full X-Ray protection
- CFUK 2.0 dev release plugin
- Faster performance, less clutter.
- Single world with Nether and End (removal of water-world 1.0 and winter-world 1.0)
- A gradually expanding world which will expand 2,000 blocks every month, starting with 3,000!
- An in-game poll every 9 months to determine whether the map is fit for purpose.
- A possible change in plugins and additional features

Questions from the community:

Will we be able to earn badges on the likes of FTB and other servers?
Yes! Most badges will be earned from in-game

When the server becomes more popular again will the teamspeak server be brought back even if it is just a free, smaller capacity one?
Teamspeak has rarely been used, and if demand for it comes, it will be back again!

If you have questions, please post them in the comments, as I (Broonie) no longer actively partake in forum discussion anymore.
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