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VIP Update

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In accordance with Mojang's new EULA, CFUK's VIP feature will now be active for all users each time the monthly donation goal is reached. This means that, upon reaching the monthly goal, VIP Mode will receive a fresh 31 day extension and will continue to grant everyone VIP permissions on the CFUK Server.

For those of you that are new to the permissions VIP's have access to, here is a reminder:

  • /kit kitname: Receive a set number of items that are available through the /kit feature, on a set cooldown in terms of how long it takes for you to be able to kit that particular item a second time.
  • /top: Teleport up to the highest block above where you are currently standing.
  • /goto username: Teleport to a user of your choosing, after asking permission to.
  • /setwarp: Set your own personal warps in the world, any time and any place, by typing /setwarp warpname.
  • /warp: Warp to any warp that has been set by anyone, as long as you know the name, by typing /warp warpname.

These features are brought to you by the users who choose to help keep CFUK alive by donating to the server, don't forget to thank them! wink

Want to contribute yourself? You are able to do so on our Donation Page!

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