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FTB Spawn Construction

Submitted By draze in Server
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am Draze and i will be your city architect for this incarnation of our wonderful modded FTB server.

We have started full scale construction so keep your eyes peeled for new updates on openings for construction and services requirements.

At the moment we have enough builders until we expand further. Here is your dedicated team.

Architect - Draze84
Assistant Architect - OinkPiggles *(to be confirmed)*
Shipwright - Void_schism
Construction - AlexKockica
Construction - Squippit

We hope to soon allow others in to start construction of stores and sky scrapers within the next couple of weeks with the view to possibly open up plots for inner city houses soon after.

Thank you all for your patience, i will open up a discussion thread when spawn center is complete for information updates and help requests.

feel free to announce any excitement! tongue


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