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The Bukkit Team will TRY and update hMod

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
Although people have already been under the impression that we pledged to keep hMod up to date, this isn't the case. Prior to this announcement, we had not stated anywhere that we would be maintaining hMod and anyone believing otherwise was mistaken. However, we do recognise the predicament we've put server admins in as hey0 has announced that hMod is essentially no more, and Bukkit is not ready for public consumption yet.

As such, some of us - if not the entire team - will be trying to update hMod so that you guys aren't left in the dark without a server mod to use. We never intended to shut everyone out with our early announcement - we were just looking to drum up support from plugin authors so that we had things ready. We can honestly say that we did not anticipate the project blowing up with this much activity and interest this quickly, like it did.

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Top 10 Countries

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community

Just to clear some things up.

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
This weekend, we are moving to a new server.
To clarify, we'll be keeping the map and everything else.

All that is of interest and that will affect you, is if you connect via IP address.

If you connect via the IP address, you will need to use the new one posted here. All those who connect via will be unaffected.

Minecraft Beta!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
Minecraft Beta is out tomorrow! So remember, get yourself ready to experience the biggest orgasm of your life! Try not to get a mental breakdown and get a good night's rest so you can play all day tomorrow! Happy Holidays!
[Submitted by FrankL]

facebook page

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
hey guys i just wanted you all to know i made the facebook page for the server, as i promised. If you want to join just search for crazy fools. if you cannot join yourself, ask me to add you.
[Submitted by jabbaatheahutt]

Minecraft updated! or not....

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
"The client wasn't updated, btw, that was a side-effect of copying the files around. The updater thought they were new."
notch's twitter

also an propper update should be out later today or tommorow because of the ill staff...
[Submitted by jetter10]

Frozen Peak Is Close Until Grifer & Stealer Get Caught !

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
My things are stolen lately (diamond tools)! Frozen peaks is closed ! Only Worker & Resident (Tacopwn, Adamor James, Jetter, Mortaluz, Tetsuoke1234 and Nutter795 ) and People are special like VIP, Helper, Donor, Mods, Broonie can pass !! Do not make excuses like i don't see the post ! There are sign at the entrance of Frozen Peaks ! If You Are A Regular Player and Dare To Pass The Sign, Ready To Get Banned as I will Report !
[Submitted by Hotmage100]

Server Status Indicator

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
Was bored. Made crude server status indicator.

It will suffice until Broonie comes up with something better.

It tells you whether the server is working as well as how many people are currently playing. If the server is full, it will make a *ding* noise when space becomes available.

It's working off the same data that the live cartograph is running off, and is requesting said data at the same rate as the cartograph does, so should not add any extra strain to the server. I am aware that I did not ask Broonie's permission to make this and will gladly remove it upon request.

[Submitted by Discharge]
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