Crazy Fools UK

Server Downtime Tonight

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
We're currently expierencing zero-access to the server.

This was a hardware issue and we are currently asking at the DC to look at the server again. We will be updating the network status page when we have more info

Downtime is unknown, news updates will be posted as we get them.

We apologise for any inconvience.

Server Work

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Tomorrow, between 10am - 12:30pm work will be carried out on the server, this will mean the minecraft server will be unavailable to access.

The work is being carried out to prepare for the Halloween Update.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

This week on CF | UK

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Few updates to remind you about:

1 - We're going semi private this week!
Due to popular demand, the server is reverting back to semi-private like before with the old server before the re-launch. It will work mostly in the same way, and if your already linked, you won't be affected. If you are not linked however, upon connect you will be rejected from the server.

2 - Halloween Update!
The long awaited update for minecraft is finally coming! We're unsure how long it will take us to update but once we're fully up and running, we should be all able to enjoy this update smoothly. Be assured, we will try not to have a map reset, however if the current map is not compatible with the update for any reason, we'll need to reset the map, and will be availabile for download on a major filehosting network.

3 - Donations
I'd like also to dedicate this moment to thank our donators, your helping CF | UK stay online in every way! Thank you!


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Thanks to bumfree for his donation smile

Also, we've changed the policy around a little bit. Check it out smile

Quick thanks

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I'd like to thank DTB1996 for his donation to the server smile


Semi-Private being switched on at the end of the week

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Officialy, on the 30th October, we will become a semi-private server.

This means you have to be registered and have your account linked on our website before you can gain access on our server.

Why do we do this? So we are able to slow down the predator known as the 'griefer' to our servers.

If you are not linked, you will be rejected from the server until you are linked.

To link your account, register on the website, then click Link Account at the top of the page.


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I wish to say thankyou to the following users:

For their generous donations, thank you smile

A little thanks

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Thank you to the following members:

Thanks for your donations smile
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