Crazy Fools UK

Congratulations on our two new staff members!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Staff
I'd like to extend a big CFUK style welcome (TNT-style) to our two newest moderators, Soul_UK and Draze!

Donations are now accepted again

Submitted By BRooNiE in Staff
Just an update that donation service has been resumed, the case in hand has been solved.

Link Account and Name Colour FAQS added

Submitted By BRooNiE in Staff
With the sudden influx of new members, and the questions that come with such an event, I've went ahead and compiled 2 FAQS which new users might find useful on their first visit to our great server.

So, if you are a new user and are wondering about how to succesfully register / link your account and have no clue what all those coloured names are for.. Please read on!

- Name colours, what do they mean? FAQ

- Linking your account, step by step FAQ

I hope you find these FAQS useful and are a little bit more "up to speed" on how things work on our server

[Submitted by Flightster]

Rules Version 4

Submitted By BRooNiE in Staff
I implore you all to visit the site regularly to keep up with the updates and the rules, which are constantly updated in the forums.

Here are the rules for all that have missed them. Ignorance is no excuse. Enjoy.

Welcome To, new or old, we recommend you to keep up to date on the rules.

[COMMUNITY e.g. server and website]
1. Respect other players, if they wish to be left alone, leave them alone, if they require some help, give them some help, if they don't want to be killed, don't kill them. Be friendly to each other. So no harassment or stalking.
2. No excessive swearing or offensive language. While we all like to have a joke, excessive swearing is a big no-no.
3. Account sharing on both forum and server is forbidden, we are increasing our technologies to track this.
5. If you have an issue, PM or /msg a mod, helper, or admin.
6. Talk in ENGLISH, keep other languages to /msg and pm. This allows anybody to join in the fun and conversation.

1. No silly stupid buildings, e.g 1x1xb towers, offensive signs.
2. No offensive statements in signs, this will get you banned.
3. No begging for helper, mod, and admin.
4. A pink name [like Broonies] can be obtained for a small donation of 300GBP*
5. Ask before you teleport to a player, it could result in your death otherwise. [and we won't restore your items.]
6. At times when the server is full, keep active, otherwise you could be kicked for being AFK.
7. If your banned from the server, appeal on the forum.
8. PvP will only be enabled in PvP areas only, if you require a PvP area to be created, ask a mod.
9. No destruction of creations that are not yours. So no griefing or thieving.
10. No Hacks, inventory or other. This includes glitches.
11. Do not enforce these rules by yourself, ask an available helper, moderator or admin.
12. You can use tnt, obsidian, adminium, lava or fire but please be careful with it.
13. Ask before you teleport to a player.
14. Do not go AFK at peak times. (Away from keyboard)
15. Please do not duplicate items, strict enforcement on rare items. NB, See list below.

PVP Rules
This section may change regularly so check often.

1. Please do not harass players constantly. Do not teleport and kill.
2. Do not kill people on their land, unless provoked.
3. Do not attack moderators.

Breaking these rules can receive a warning, kick or ban.
If your behaviour is deemed unacceptable, then a mod will still ban you.

Do not be an arse.
[Submitted by Mulan]