Crazy Fools UK

Extended Downtime

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
The server will be offline for a short period today until we're fixed.

Shouldn't be too long, but I'll let you know when we're back up.

Emergency Backup

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We're currently grabbing the files off the server, we've managed to get access to the filesystem. [Thanks Conathan!]

Vote on the !

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Wait, wut, IM GREEN?!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
If you’re currently a donator, you would have logged onto a nice surprise today - excluding the new server, wee! - You now have a green name tag!

The green name tag is also known as VIP, which dates a fair while back to the beginning of the server, where VIP was a special status on the server which could be earned.

The VIP has returned, what is the difference from Donator? Here it is:

- Limited Edition
- Exclusive, to those who donated to help the server.
- Includes the exclusive 4x TnT multiplier! (200 TnT! Combine it with the other multiplier for 400 TnT!)
- And other little minor things and bonuses.

VIP will be active on your account for as long as your donator, after your donatorship expires, your VIP will go too. If you wish to keep VIP you must redonate within 5 days of the donatorship expiring, otherwise you'll have the normal donator perks. (and the red name.)

VIP has been added as a limited edition perk for those who helped make the server what it is, and with your efforts, CF | UK is guaranteed to be up until June 2012, who says you need to play anywhere else? Thank you so much!

Fear not new Donators, you still get your perks, but we have also added something for you, if you have 50 points, you can gain an x2 multiplier so you can place up to 100 TnT a day!

Although, you may be asking, where will the new donations go if the servers paid off for a year? The thing is, hardware can always be improved on and any future donations, 110% will go towards the server.

In other news, you may have noticed we have a new server, this is newer, better, and hopefully faster. Less lag, more playtime, better tick rate! [We Hope!]

In addition, I want to thank the following users for their recent donations:


Again, to everyone who helped fund the server, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Special bonus at the end of the month! Ooo!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
At the end of this month, something special may be happening at CFUK!

Is it confirmed? No not yet, but it DOES seem likely! ;)

Testing 1.6.5

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
We are currently testing a release of 1.6.5 on the webserver, if you wish to join us the IP is below.

1.6.5 Released

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
1.6.5 is now out, we await bug reports and bukkit to update before the server will be updated.

When will 1.6.4 be on the server?

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
Soon, currently I'm doing some offline testing, so far it seems teleporting and warping is broken.

A further news post will be given once the server is upgraded.
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