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Test Configuration 2:

Submitted By CrazyFoolsUK in Annoucement
- Removed over-detailed help file [Coming Later]
- Fixed & symbol
- Added some kits

See Test Configuration #1 For Server URL

Edit: Back to normal server port for nice one. [need moar testers]

New port number will be announced

Submitted By CrazyFoolsUK in Annoucement
In order so we don't exceed our bandwidth allowance for this month, and in order to keep the contract with the server provider, we will be changing the port number until the remainder of the DDOS wears off.

We are no longer accepting new sign ups and the website has been restricted to existing members only.

This is a critical move in order to keep the server online.

Link Account and Minecraft Settings disabled

Submitted By CrazyFoolsUK in Annoucement
Both the features listed above have been disabled until they can be re-implemented.

It appears bukkit does not support plugin reloading from console, rendering our scripts useless.

Please subscribe to our RSS feed for up to date information as it arrives.

Server Update

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
After a few of trialing the bukkit mod, we're ready to move on to try implement common features (/kit, /give, /warp etc and groups).

The map will remain on the temporary one until testing has completed. As bugs such as chunks corrupting and being regenerated are being reported.

Minecraft Update - Major Issue

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
After we all thought we had gotten rid of the nullpointerexception issue popping up, its back again.

We're currently trying to root out the cause (we're not running ANY server modifications, pure vanilla!) and if you have anything to contribute about the issue, let me or a mod know.


Please Name Your Builds

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
Hello, and Good-Day.

I would like to ask you to place a sign upon the build with your name on it. In fact do that a few times. This way we know who owns it and..This way we can ban people thieving from your chests faster or spend less time wondering if you actually own it.

Please, not only does it save us time, but it reduces the time the thief spends in your house.


[Submitted by Mulan]

Wow - its been a while!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
Well after a long absense of a official news post on the website, I think its about time we had one.

As always, I'd like to thank the following users for their donations to the server:

Thank you! Its your donations which help keep the server going!

In Minecraft related news, your no doubt aware that Minecraft is now in Beta, whilst it hasn't brought any game-play related features, its helped secure duping and hacking of inventories. Woo!

As well as this has been positive in the Minecraft area, modding tools and their plugins have had to take a couple of steps back - especially in the chest protection / honeytrap area on the CFUK plugin, aswell as other popular moderator tools. We are working to get this fixed as quickly as possible.

In other 'broken-things' news, the cartograph is slightly out-of-date. Something has appeared to have gone wrong in the updating part which I'm looking into and going to fix as soon as possible. This should let the newest structures appear again.

On the topic of chest protection - its coming. Whilst I could do a cheap fix (capsulation methods around a chest is popular on some servers) I'd rather do something which works basicly at a click of a button. I do have an idea which I have to run a few tests first. The clue is here is that it's NOT chest protection, but rather something else that WILL protect your belongings. (And because of its nature, will have to limit to donators.) The fun fact here, nobody but myself knows what it is! However, if the tests appear to be successful, it could WORK and may add a new element to the server.

Honeypot Chest traps will also be back soon due to their effectiveness, unforutantly the move over to serverside inventory has messed a few things up, and when I have a chunk of spare time I'll look into recoding them. On the subject of time, I do have my Cisco exam coming up, so I may/may not be as active in delivering updates to the plugin and/or appearing on the server.

I'd like to also take this oppurtunity to deliver a message to those who are setting up their server. I have no problem with you going away from CF | UK and setting up your own community. Yes its fun, and enjoyable as well as being stressful. However I must stress I cannot help you set up your server and will not be able to answer questions. Its not I have anything against you, I just simply don't have the time. So to save yourself time, go to the official minecraft forums, which have plenty of guides in setting up your own server.

I've also had a small number of users interested in making their own plugins too, whilst again, I can't help you write a whole plugin, theres a community for that too, and theirs also a useful guide to making your own plugins right here --> [clickable link] Again, I can't give you any help on the subject, but the forums I've pointed you to are usually good at giving help on making own plugins. And hey, perhaps if their good enough and useful to the server, I might even implement them wink

In news for donators, we might be switching a couple of things around in the future, some of you might be getting annoyed at the fact the servers full alot of the time, and whilst yes I thank you for your time, I'll see if I can add a couple of slots for donators+ only. Other changes will be coming to donators rights aswell soon, so watch out!

In recent poll news too, it seemed a close battle between whether the community wanted player slots, or mobs. Whilst the servers at 20 player slots and mobs on (expect one natural, can you guess?) I would like to extend the player slots a little higher, and hopefully this will be possible once I get a little more steady income coming in AKA a new job. The current poll online (Build vs Survival) seems the majority want a survial based server (with second being a bit of both) if the trend continues, I'll take up discussions with helpers and mods of how we can swing towards that perfect type of server for which the majority of you would be happy to play in.

In unrelated news, we've hit the 1,000 member milestone! (1,150 just now) and still growing! I'd like to thank every one of you for registering, and playing on our server if you have, and hope you enjoy your stay!

[Submitted by BRooNiE]


Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
I would like you to know that i have emailed swasked(the youtube person) about our server. He may or may not feature the server in an upcoming episode of Open Minecraft.
The series(for those who dont know) is about minecraft servers, and you should(if you havent) watch all of them. They are on youtube called Open Minecraft. I have so far seen 8 episodes of the series.
Hopefully Swasked will feature the server, and i will give an update as soon as i know. As for you Broonie, tell me if this is not ok. And i will notify Swask.
[Submitted by jabbaatheahutt]
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