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VIP Update

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
In accordance with Mojang's new EULA, CFUK's VIP feature will now be active for all users each time the monthly donation goal is reached. This means that, upon reaching the monthly goal, VIP Mode will receive a fresh 31 day extension and will continue to grant everyone VIP permissions on the CFUK Server.

For those of you that are new to the permissions VIP's have access to, here is a reminder:

  • /kit kitname: Receive a set number of items that are available through the /kit feature, on a set cooldown in terms of how long it takes for you to be able to kit that particular item a second time.
  • /top: Teleport up to the highest block above where you are currently standing.
  • /goto username: Teleport to a user of your choosing, after asking permission to.
  • /setwarp: Set your own personal warps in the world, any time and any place, by typing /setwarp warpname.
  • /warp: Warp to any warp that has been set by anyone, as long as you know the name, by typing /warp warpname.

These features are brought to you by the users who choose to help keep CFUK alive by donating to the server, don't forget to thank them! wink

Want to contribute yourself? You are able to do so on our Donation Page!

Posted by Flightster

Survival now on latest version

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
In preparation for 1.8, Survival is now on the latest 1.7 version.

Months Notice: Mojang EULA

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hi all,

This is notification, particularly to donators and VIPs of some things that may be changing here at CFUK.

This is officially around a months notice (August Mojangs EULA will come into "force") that donatorship privileges and features may be changed dramatically, possibly resulting in the reduction of donatorship time for members, extension for others, or access to donatorship features for those who haven't donated for some time.

This is currently up for debate, so feel free to shout suggestions in the comments, private message me, or post in the forum (Mojang EULA, official topic in Server Discussion)

The overall is basically, either everyone will have donatorship privileges or everyone won't at any time. Therefore when donating you will contributing to and for the community.

This means when your donating, not just you specifically do not gain any in-game advantages, but rather everyone in the server does. When you donate, everyone in the community wins!

As per the Mojang EULA however, we are allowed to give non-gameplay affecting features, so donators will still there exclusive colour, either being Donator, VIP, or CFUK Elite, depending on their contributions.

The way that this will be calculated, is that a target for the week and overall will be displayed on the website, if the week donation target is reached, the following week and the rest of the remaining week the donator will grant donatorship features to the community.

The target will be based on the exact cost of the server per month, rounded down to the nearest pound, minus and pence and my own money contribution to the server, which will grant donatorship to the community 4 weekends in a month.

We're expecting the target for the first few weeks to be already reached, as there is already active donation periods on the server which will be converted to contribute towards the target for that week (and any weeks after that, as it will rollover if the target is met)

I hope this clears some things up, I didn't want to ever change the donation system, but with the uproar of the Mojang EULA, I feel we have little choice as a small as a community we are, I'd rather not be at risk as if it's not Mojang, possibly legal representatives will.

FTB Stability #2

Submitted By draze in Server
Can everyone sing the "Stable song"? no? yeah me either, but still the server is as such and may be stable enough to run updates without a map wipe.

As it stands Eyamaz will be releasing a small amount of bug fixes but is fully focused on.....wait for it....

FTB MC 1.7!!

Yes that's right, It's upgrade time again but dont panic


"As of now, I am already looking into 1.7 development as well as talking to a few people about additional tools for modpack creators. I am hoping what we are planning for you meets to your expectations and raises the bar for modpacks overall. iF you are anxious for what is to come, well, so are we.

1.7 packs are not planned to be released for a few months,

So there you have it. We're stable for now till 1.7 is released. Have fun and dont worry about map wipes unless we get some nasty corruption.

Thank you for your patience during BETA testing and we hope you continue to have fun on FTB monster.

Vending Machines disabled in future versions of CFUK plugin

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Remember vending machines?

No we don't either, but this is just to let you know - in case you did - that in all future versions of the CFUK plugin, vending machines will no longer be creatable.

CFUK Profiles will be updated to 2015

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Pre-warning to all, Survival server may become unavailable for a short period this week.

A CFUK release be uploaded this week to all servers, that will allow tracking of user UUID's

What this will do is:
- Match everyone username who has ever logged onto the server from the beginning (9,000+ users!) to their UUID
- Upgrade their CFUK profile to the latest version.

This is part of the few steps of preparing for the big 1.8 upgrade.

FTB Stability

Submitted By draze in Server
Feed The Beast Monster remains in Beta testing mode which means glitches or updates may require a map wipe, just to make this clear to all players.
As it stands we are having a few teething problems regarding the 1.1.1 update. As normal new fixes mean new bugs as such there are some disconnecting issues.

As a reminder to all players.

Rule #5 : No exploitation of bugs - if you find one, inform the staff.

If any are found in the new FTB please report it to a staff member.
If said bug is in the form of an item duplication you may keep the original but always destroy the duplication.

Do not discuss any duplication or expliot bugs to other players to minimize the exploitation of glitches.

Name Changes on Minecraft

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
As development continues on the CFUK plugin to prepare for name changes within Minecraft, I will reveal some changes on how CFUK will support them.

Currently as it stands, all existing CFUK profiles will be tagged with their UUID in the next few days, this means that:

- Your profile name is protected on CFUK
- If you change your name, no-one can impersonate you on CFUK

This will also be backwards coded to support older modded servers, such as FTBM or FTBU. As we're communicating directly with the Minecraft API, rather than going through Bukkit!
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