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CFMP #20 - Technical Difficulties

Submitted By BRooNiE in Media
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It’s a week of problems in podcast land. Beagrie starts the podcast drunk, and ends it with a broken mic. Sekoj’s internet dies, and Shadox’s brain does likewise. Still we soldiered through to talk about Minecraft and the upcoming 1.3 update. So there.

Shadoxkiller hosts, joined as always, by Qotsa_101. Beagrie is kind of there, and Sekoj says hello (but not much else). Yama26 brings the female perspective, and Discharge sits quietly in the corner.

As always, leave ratings and reviews of a positive nature in iTunes, or any other podcast management service of choice. If you wish to contact. As with last weeks, this podcast is unedited. For those that are interested, here's links to the podcasters' plugs;

Shadoxkiller's Twitter
Qotsa_101's Twitter
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