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Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
I would like you to know that i have emailed swasked(the youtube person) about our server. He may or may not feature the server in an upcoming episode of Open Minecraft.
The series(for those who dont know) is about minecraft servers, and you should(if you havent) watch all of them. They are on youtube called Open Minecraft. I have so far seen 8 episodes of the series.
Hopefully Swasked will feature the server, and i will give an update as soon as i know. As for you Broonie, tell me if this is not ok. And i will notify Swask.
[Submitted by jabbaatheahutt]

Wow! Hello new members

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
I'd just like to welcome our huge amount of sign ups tonight, wow, hello there!

In other news, not much to report:
First of all I'd like to give my thanks to the following users for their donations: Flightster, adamorjames, Yigg and brother_blood ! Your continued support helps the server live on! Thank you!

Couple of new features this week, some will be of use to you and some will not too.

Xmas trees have been tweaked for basic verification that their not bashing into walls or things, and they can also now only be planted into dirt, or grass.

The server now backs up the map every 6 hours! This is great considering we shouldn't lose the map again, or have to take a week back in time to retrieve it.

You may or may not know that we were seeking helpers to help [heh, how'd you guess?] us out a little since our huge rush recently [player limit is now 30, and we've already reached that! WOW!]. So I'd like to congratulate our newest two helpers, Flightster and tuatha1337, welcome aboard! We may/may not be still looking, we'll see how we go over the next couple of days.

Our live cartograph of the map is looking great, wow. I'm sure all of us can actually see things coming together now, it really makes me proud of you guys!

Also, on a more serious note, pvp has been disabled due to numerous complaints and whilst on this issue, may I give a strong reminder that just because your a donator, does not mean you cannot be banned from the server. We're beginning to see issues cropping up, in which we may have to take action.

Oh, and one last note - you can be in this space -- right here -- too! Just click on the feature Submit News at the top, and select Community! Need more information? Check the topic in the forums.

Enjoy your time on our server!

With thanks to the mod team, helpers, and our regulars. You know who you are!

Oh, on a side note. Look out for a MAJOR overhaul coming soon. Stay tuned!
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