Crazy Fools UK

New Year New Modpack!

Submitted By piggles in Community
Good news everybody!!!

The new Crazy-Fools Community Choice server is ready!

Piggles has made a handy install guide located here [clickable link] (Read it carefully or you'll get a spank!)

Good luck and I hope to see you all on the server!

~ Piggles

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Crazy Fools UK!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Community
Another year almost gone! Wow, where has that time gone?

I'd like to say merry christmas to all of our members, past and present - and a happy new year smile


FTB Spawn Construction

Submitted By draze in Server
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am Draze and i will be your city architect for this incarnation of our wonderful modded FTB server.

We have started full scale construction so keep your eyes peeled for new updates on openings for construction and services requirements.

At the moment we have enough builders until we expand further. Here is your dedicated team.

Architect - Draze84
Assistant Architect - OinkPiggles *(to be confirmed)*
Shipwright - Void_schism
Construction - AlexKockica
Construction - Squippit

We hope to soon allow others in to start construction of stores and sky scrapers within the next couple of weeks with the view to possibly open up plots for inner city houses soon after.

Thank you all for your patience, i will open up a discussion thread when spawn center is complete for information updates and help requests.

feel free to announce any excitement! tongue


Border Expanded from 2k to 4k on Survival!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hi all,

Border has been expanded on the survival server from 2k to 4k.

Happy exploring!


All servers updated - Direwolf now has CFUK integration and dynmap support!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Good Morning all,

Few updates to tell you about:

Teamspeak server updated - join at for high quality voice action!

Survival Server updated and website map re-enabled! See it now at : [clickable link]

Direwolf20 now fully working with the CFUK plugin, kits and warps are back! Now also generating a map at [clickable link]


~ Broonie

DW20 Map reset complete

Submitted By draze in Community
Thank you to all players for your patience during beta testing and bug finding.

The map has been cleared and appears stable. If you find any bugs/glitches/lag areas etc, please post the details in this thread.

[clickable link]

Also please add as much information as possible when adding a bug report.

I know this will be mentioned in many places however.

Please do not post any information regarding duplication bugs or exploits. Inform a staff member through PM or using (/tell *name*) in game.




DW20 post update map reset

Submitted By draze in Community

Due to the ongoing problems on the server please vote on the following poll.

[clickable link]



Direwolf20 1.1.1 is live!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hi all,

As per the poll hosted on the forum, the Direwolf Server has now been updated to 1.1.1 Beta.

Same address and port.


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