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Re: Anyone out there? (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 07 Aug : 22:50
I'd love to come back but life has thrown a curve ball as it usually does from time to time. Much love to you all! had a blast while it lasted.
Re: Community Choice Server Bug Reporting (Do Not Post Exploits Or Dupe Bugs) (Server Discussion) Posted on 28 Jul : 17:53
Fairy wings or Dragon wings (I chose "invisible") that attach to an item slot in the form of a ring work quite well. It acts like creative flight. Check those out sometime, i believe they are from the botanica mod.
Re: Forum question: private messages (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 04 Jul : 20:16
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227 total, 0 unread
"Send new message"

Should be on the left waaaay at the bottom
under the poll. If its not there can you post up a quick screencap of that area so we can see whats missing?

Send new message
Re: VIP Community Choice Player Count (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 23 Jun : 13:50
I've noted even on single player that setting spawn even for a bed can occasionally be a little twitchy. I've had to play it safe for a couple of nights to sleep in the bed twice to make sure it set correctly. I've been trying to replicate the issue but can't seem to find any correlation between any specific circumstances. My spawn point on the server keeps reverting me to a random castle in the marshlands 2k blocks away from my base saying "bed missing or blocked" even though its in the middle of a 5x5x7 room... I think its just a bug in the bed placement as if the sleep box is actually 1/2 a block lower so i've taken to raising it up on blocks then destroying 1 of the blocks below. Seems to be working so far *fingers crossed*

As for the PM name, try typing draze into the "to" box worked on my side but i've noticed actually searching for certain players seems to come up blank. Might be due to the backend work ongoing.
Re: VIP Community Choice Player Count (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 21 Jun : 17:01
Hey tree, I've been away for a few months getting life stuff sorted but i should be back on modded more often so any questions i'll happily help out in game or just pop me a PM if ya want. I check the site quite often.
Re: Survival Server Zombie & Skeliton Spawner (Server Discussion) Posted on 26 May : 17:35
At the moment we only have two rules for grinders to prevent spawning overload on the server.

1. not within the spawn area of 128 blocks N/E/S/W
2. Factor in a shut off like glowstone and pistons or RS lamps to effectively shut off the spawner.

The second rule is mainly a precaution especially for dark room grinders.

As long as these two rules are followed. go for it dude.
Re: Hi. I'm new! (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 25 May : 14:34
At the moment both our servers for vanilla and community choice(modded) are stable (mostly i think because myself and OINKpiggles aren't online randomly finding wierd bugs).

If you want to try the community choice at any time the version is "AT Launcher. Resonant Rise mainline - V.3.3+".

The website is currently being worked on due to an upgrade which has some bugs to be worked out so you may find some errors.

Our servers are quite quiet from griefers so we have a small team of moderators and helpers. who will appear as yellow or blue tags in game. I'm an assistant admin and I play mostly modded but i'm happy to help where i can on any of our servers.

Welcome and Have fun
Re: Website Issue(s) (Server Discussion) Posted on 15 May : 22:43
I got a 1 rating? *Sad face* lol
Re: The 'server is down' REPORT thread. (Server Discussion) Posted on 16 Feb : 21:06
Community choice server down - 20:44 - (16/02)
Re: Community Modpack - The new CFUK VIP modpack Guide (Tutorials and Guides) Posted on 21 Jan : 01:02
Moved from "Server Sugestions" to "Tutorials and guides"

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