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Re: theft & greifing (Grief Reports) Posted on 05 Jan : 02:16
Investigated with the help of Piggles, report completed.
Re: Annual can the old Vanilla maps be made available to download thread (Server Discussion) Posted on 02 Jan : 19:46
I believe that's the Vectoriser MS240pnt. It creates high constrast multi plexed images with ultrasharp 10bil pixels. So clear your eyes cant tell the difference to a real physically viewed object.
Re: [moved] Admin request (Off Topic Discussion) Posted on 01 Oct : 15:08
AS for the water sources: yeah you dont have to use barriers anymore that was only a transfer issue back in monster. If you setup a watersource right beside the input port/ports of the reactor you can directly pipe from the waternode to the reactor port in the same block. The bonus is that you get instant water transfer but you have to add a "world interaction" upgrade and add a stack of speed upgrades.
Obviously you'll need to adjust your setup depending on how much water you need. I've tried using tanks, barrels etc for larger water source areas but the only way to get fast water travel (instead of low pipe amounts) is to use tesseracts or directly connected node 1x1 space.
Re: Crazy, Crazy but not enough fools (Minecraft General) Posted on 13 Sep : 14:15
Damned thread invaders. How dare theeeeee! LOL

Good luck guys, i'm sure we'll all have more time soon tongue
Thread: Crazy, Crazy but not enough fools (Minecraft General) Posted on 11 Sep : 07:06
Hey guys and gals, sorry i haven't been around much to work on expanding new spawn further. It's been a pretty busy month doing overtime at work, prepping funds for heading to the US in October.

I'll be around when i can, for now can all current spawn builders continue as planned and if OinkPiggles isn't averse to the idea, can you address any questions to him for the time being. I trust his judgment and design abilities.

Thanks all, and hopefully i'll see you all soon.

Re: Anchors, chunk loaders etc. (Server Discussion) Posted on 04 Sep : 17:22
And as soon as i manage to get a processing system set up we're planning on figuring out if we can crosslink two ME systems using a couple of quantum bridges for processing etc. Will be an interesting experiment tongue
Re: Anchors, chunk loaders etc. (Server Discussion) Posted on 04 Sep : 07:18
Exactly, making a good setup may be tedious but if done right we can all enjoy the benefits of a few chunks loaded with minimal impact on the server. I'll monitor it for a while and see how it goes. If i'm online toss me a PM and let me know how many chunk loaders you're currently using so i can better judge performance.

Here's an example of a setup i'm now using.

on 3 seperate floors i have the ME system, auto processing machines with recieving chests and the power plant. All are chunk loaded with a quarry (for now till i make a chunkloader block) but i've only got maybe 2 chunks loaded.

I could condense all that easily into 1 chunk but i gave myself some wiggle room to get around piping etc. so all in all, over the world i only have approx 4 chunks loaded. 2 at the base and 1-2 at the quarry.

I'm going to put this up for a trial over the next month and we can all vote whether to keep it or not at the end of the trial unless it causes massive problems in which case they'll need removed.

Thanks guys
Re: Anchors, chunk loaders etc. (Server Discussion) Posted on 03 Sep : 07:00
sorry guys been working long hours.

At this point in time due to the fact that they are built into the machine its self. I have been allowing players to use 1 or 2 BC quarries as a "here and there" loader for use of power/ME/pipe loading, it's shown to actually help keep the server more stable. BUT i have had 3 rules about them that i would request isn't pushed otherwise it may start degrading the server again.


1. as there are so few players on FTB at the moment i am allowing a maximum of 3 quarries. 1 for mining and 2 for a "SMALL" area chunk load for your base or other use. however please try to build the enderquarry as quick as possible to replace the mining BC quarry.

2. As always please shut down any machines such as tree farms etc that could potentially fail and spill items. We will try to help shut it down if you get disconnected but always try to work in a failsafe like void pipes/void chests etc

3. If you can help it please dont chunk load grinders. Even if you can turn it off, disconnects due to connection etc before you can turn it off can cause havoc with spawning entities. (The tree villager farm for example... as glorious as it was...)

Those are the rules that stand on a "trust" basis. But if we can all agree to not overuse chunkloaders (3 at MOST) I will allow them. Try not to chunkload a massive area and please try to adapt your machinery etc into a smaller space to preserve stability.

If the chunkloaders end up causing server issues i will unfortunately have to request we remove them. also as this is on a trust basis, please remember if we find a player going nuts with them the ban may have to be re-instated.

1. All chunk loaders are unbanned.
2. Follow the rules and dont be an ass.
3. Will be banned again if the rules are broken.
4. Ongoing monitoring of server performance during the lifted ban.

Broonie always has final say on it so lets not break that trust.

Also please excuse me if this seems a little "sharp spoken" i'm just off a night shift tongue
Re: Can't run FTB packs again... (Server Discussion) Posted on 22 Aug : 14:35
It's possible, i know Win10 added certain support for Java but its early days yet so there may still be a lot of bugs to iron out. As you suggested you could try win7 again and if it runs your suspicions about Win10 is probably correct.
Re: A small idea to a bigger plan (Idea disscusion) (Server Discussion) Posted on 21 Aug : 16:53
I agree time, one of the reasons i went ahead and started the spawn build on FTB. Tbh i think so many people have burned out playing minecraft over the years its getting more difficult to intice players in that arent 6 year olds tongue (not like thats a bad thing but you all know its hard to prevent any malarky the younger they get lol)

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