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Re: The 'server is down' REPORT thread. (Server Discussion) Posted on 19 Aug : 22:07
FTB frozen, myself and void locked into the server. Will report if it comes back up.

22:59GMT (19/08)

UPDATE: Nevermind, it just did tongue
Re: FTB SPAWN (Server Discussion) Posted on 16 Aug : 20:29
Oh it's perfectly safe.... for us....
Thread: FTB SPAWN (Server Discussion) Posted on 15 Aug : 20:07
Here is the map and plot list (will be updated as progress continues) please comment on which one you would like that is available. First come first serve.

1439669219 3769 FT0 Spawn

(click image to enlarge)

==Blinky Street==
11. (Umbrella corp.)
19. (Squaffco)
24. (Void_Schism)

22. (Alexcockika/Squippit)

==Broonies Ring road==

There will be stalls available in the center market area soon.
Re: FTB New Spawn (Server Discussion) Posted on 15 Aug : 20:05
Ah sorry guys, can you remake your requests on the new sticky post titled "FTB Spawn"
Re: FTB New Spawn (Server Discussion) Posted on 14 Aug : 15:37
cool m8 i'm working on a number/naming scheme for the map right now so its easier to allocate plots
Thread: FTB New Spawn (Server Discussion) Posted on 14 Aug : 04:24

I am pleased to welcome all players who would like to take on the challenge of building skyscrapers to roll up and call out.

There are a few rules about this new spawn you should be aware of.


There are no build styles. so as long as you stick to common sense and CFUK rules it's all good, go nuts


build to max height if you wish but try to make your build impressive, i've designed spawn with a concrete looking base colour so that your own buildings will stand out.

I'm not going to limit the stores to a tight build height but please remember, stores aren't skyscrapers tongue. maybe a few floors at most.

Same as stores


Remember that firespread is on, so be careful with any fires or lava.


the boundaries of the builds have been clearly marked, you CAN build ontop of this boundary but not over it, thank you.


You can build down beneath your plot to bedrock but with the same rules as the build boundary. The exception being any buildings within the center square area as the sewer system runs beneath. If you do build down please remember to completely wall off the area the same shape as your boundary whether you use all the space inside or not.

So! please let me know who is interested in building skyscrapers and we'll get you sorted out with a plot to start work.

We will be starting to construct the housing district soon so keep an eye out for the next area opening up.
Re: Greetings (Minecraft General) Posted on 30 Jul : 05:16
Ahh, a very valid point of concern. Oh! i'll post this up in another topic later but new spawn on FTB will soon be ready for the server to join in with construction. I'm just plotting out some final roads and the dock. Stay tuned for updates tongue
Re: Greetings (Minecraft General) Posted on 27 Jul : 15:54
How come he gets a padded cell? all i got was a dark dank hole with a ball and cup game missing both the ball and the cup... I mean i know it probably had something to do with me trying to chew the corners off every building in the area but i was hungry! tongue
Re: Greetings (Minecraft General) Posted on 17 Jul : 16:37
Welcome Skinback hope ya have fun on our dw20 server. I'm currently working on building a new spawn city so for now its the original spawn point on an empty island.

If you need to know anything or have any problems feel free to ask, we're a friendly bunch albeit a little spaced out while constructing something intricate tongue
Re: The Screenshot Thread. (Minecraft General) Posted on 04 Jul : 14:18
Caketastrophe nothing! that was complete and utter creamageddon!

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