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Re: Reminder to players (Server Discussion) Posted on 25 Sep : 10:03
FWIW I think there should be some guidelines about tunnels, roadways and rails too, along the lines that bare minimum tunnels and rails don't merit quite the same respect as a full build.

From memory I seem to recall skyrails being frowned upon.

Sometime in the past I built a Long Boring Viaduct, and when I started to encroach on someone else's island they rerouted it. Looking back I think it was fair game, and the reroute now has gained a bridge leading to another island so it is more interesting, but someone broke the rules there, and I might have been slightly in the wrong to start with.
Re: kits (Server Discussion) Posted on 01 Dec : 13:33
Regarding cooldown if the kit is basically just building material I don't see a problem with 10 minutes or even less. If it is a more valuable resource then maybe a longer cooldown or kit less than a full stack?
Thread: kits (Server Discussion) Posted on 30 Nov : 14:41
Any chance of adding back some of the old kits like rails and stuff?
Re: Spawn Grief (Grief Reports) Posted on 30 Nov : 14:39
Regarding the nether is that an intentional "Anarchy" thing or is it just impractical to police when there's too many ways for stuff to get broken?

FWIW I found that there's a bunch of portals built above the upper bedrock, so when you try to port in you end up in a vast empty space.
Re: Iceberg (Server Discussion) Posted on 23 Nov : 14:05
Hey I'm sure I only broke the one FTB server (monster), and I'm pretty sure it could have been fixed by nuking the chunk my base was in.
Re: Getting the urge to play Infinity Evolved again (Server Discussion) Posted on 29 Jan : 21:18
So I'm on Enigmatica 2 at the moment, and there's one little amusing quirk of the pack: It has both Mekanism and Nuclearcraft in the same pack...

Now Mekanism universal cable converts between EU and RF.

Nuclearcraft converts between EU and far so good

Mekanism uses a 4:1 ratio but NC uses 16:1. Oops.
Re: 1.15 Update news (Server Discussion) Posted on 25 Dec : 13:21
Surely there's a need for a chunk-manager tool that would "age" chunks based on how long ago they were visited, whether a player actually entered the chunk or just came within range of it and whether anything was ever built nearby, so if a chunk was only ever glanced at once two years ago it can be deleted and later regenerated with the new content.
Re: Getting the urge to play Infinity Evolved again (Server Discussion) Posted on 24 Nov : 12:43
FWIW I can't work out what the deal is with FTB launcher right now, but I looked at ATLauncher and Resonant Rise 5 looked promising.
Re: Blood Moon survival advice (Tutorials and Guides) Posted on 10 Aug : 13:30
Darn door grinders can be crazy-productive. Called something else now, mob masher or mob crusher? Either way it is a good source of essence and damaged enchanted gold armor
Re: So what's the deal with villagers (Server Discussion) Posted on 10 Aug : 08:48
So I gather doors don't count any more. Also if a shepherd is selling beds it is a really quick way to "level" them.

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