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Server Move Underway! Woohoo!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
The server move is currently underway!

Donation menu re-programmed

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
The donation system was been re-written.

Therefore if you have any issues, please let me know.


Forced Country Selection

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
Upon log in, you may of noticed a forced user settings change to set your country.

The reason is to fix an limitation provided by e107, so link account can successfully function.

reCAPTCHA enabled for guests

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For those who now sign up or post in guest status, a reCAPTCHA query will need to be answered.

Link account coming soon.

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Our good old registration system will be back soon, you can get a sneak peak on 'Link Account' on the menu above.

Forgot Something ...

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Thanks To:

For their donations! Thank You!

New Website!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
An afternoons work is done, hope you enjoy the new website!

New Map, TNT Server, New Webserver, Chaos, Stress, and thousands of miles.

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
You may or not know, or have at least expierenced the issues we have occured since the weekend.

In TL;DR terms, basicly, migration will happen thursday, no wait, friday, oh sorry, will happen Monday, apologies, first thing tuesday, apologies again, later on the week. Thats from the manager who originally offered the migration, constant delays, in which we were ready for migration straight away, they failed to give.

Why were we after a migration? If you are a regular at CF | UK you would of observed that there has been alot of time outs, as well as crashes and more. The datacentre acknowledged this and took fault, and offered if we wanted a move off the network to a new one, we could. As well as a whole new box and more.

A generous offer as compensation for the downtime which would more or less elminate the issues, however did it happen? No, not quite.

1.1GB is far too large a file for me to back-up to my personal computers, so I decided to transfer it over to the other server we had. (Which was being used as the Classic server) Making it a nice off-site location which should of been safe.

Now, when the migration was originally issued, they accepted one of them, which I believed [and specifically stated] would be re-located in a datacentre in the U.K.

Not only did they take the wrong server, but they transferred it over the U.S.A. admitting it was a mistake, however we now have a server over there which we can't transfer back.

Once that was built up, a day or two ago.

It failed, great.

So that was the location of where the off-site location of the back-up was stored, and it had failed. Result was apparently a new OS install without back-up of the original content, and that lost our off-site back-up.

In sync with the other servers [strong evidence that bad things come in 3s?] the webserver played up too, it seemed the host was having a global problem and won't be able to fix it for a while. So we migrated off there, to our own little VPS hosting our webserver. [Apache, MySQL and PHP running with less than 256MB? Yes!] Which means since we're now unrestricted, expect more website functions. Speaking of which, we've already added something, can you guess?

Anyway, due to the loss of the newly US server data, we had to re-backup from the UK, which was most likely from a newer save, and was quite likely the end of result of ending up with a corrupted map. This had to be done quickly, as it was announced the migration would happened within the next couple of hours [which it didn't]

So in the end, we had a backup, the same box, that during got re-installed with the OS before the 'migration', so we only had the quickly made backup after the failure from the US server, which of course, was corrupted.

The whole end result was a disaster, and the loss of the CF | UK home map in its intact form.

I submitted a request for an exact time and date for an migration, and as of this news post.

No response so far.

On the resolutions, the main server now has a new map, the TNT server has a modified CF | UK script and you know have the oppurtunity to blow up the old corrupted map.

Cartograph will be coming soon, for both servers hopefully, and we'll be smooth sailing soon.

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